• Wireless and wired networking.
  • Computer support.
  • CCTV installation and maintenance.
  • Telecommunications – Lines, calls, broadband etc.
  • Cloud services – Hosted phones & hosted desktops
  • Routers and other network related equipment
  • … and more.

Our commitments to our customers

Excellent customer service – We will try our best to make everything go well but there’s no point pretending that everything will be delivered perfectly every time, telecoms has too many layers and sometimes things do go wrong. We will do our best to take the pain away and fix things as soon as we can when that happens.

Competitive pricing – We may not be the cheapest but we are competitive, great support costs something. We can promise you that we will not be overcharging you for any service or product we supply.

Mostly rolling monthly agreements – Most of our contracts are rolling monthly. Some will be for 12 months because a longer term is being passed through. We are flexible and if you want longer contracts we will do our best to accommodate you.

Why don’t we want to lock you in? Customers stay with their suppliers when they are happy with them and we want our customers to stay with us because they like what we do not because they are trapped.

Simple notice periods – 30 days is just fine for all our rolling monthly agreements. We don’t have any tricky notice windows or autorenewals.

No tricks, no hidden costs – Our contracts are standard. There are no hidden costs or tricks. We will not be charging you exorbitant prices for add on services or products after the fact.

No promises that cannot be delivered – We are honest about lead times and contingencies. If we cannot deliver a service you want in the way you want it we will let you know and suggest a near solution where we can.