• Computer networks for SME’s.
  • Telecommunications – Lines, calls broadband etc.
  • Cloud services – Hosted phones & hosted desktops
  • Routers and other network related equipment
  • … and more.

Headline Rates on Services and Products

Welcome to our headline rates and our promises to you, our prospective or existing customers. We believe that honesty and transparency is the best way, that’s what we want from our suppliers and that’s what we want to supply to our customers. It helps make the world a better place, at least a little bit. Here are our staple services and products but this not all, if you have need of more just ask.

Service / Product Cost (VAT excluded)
Analogue line
New Installation* £60
Monthly rental £12.50
Line + Broadband – ADSL2+ (up to 24mbs down/1mbs up)
New Installation* ** £65
Monthly Rental £28
Line + Broadband – Fibre (up to 80mbs down/20mbs up)
New Installation £65
Monthly Rental £39
Broadband Router (if required). From … £50
Calls from landlines – Pay for what you use rates
UK landlines beginning 01/02 1p per minute
UK mobiles beginning 07 4p per minute
No minimum call charges
No connection charges
Billing by the second
Mobiles – Vodafone & O2
Tailored Vodafone or O2 deals with handsets and no upfront costs. Quoted
Cloud/Hosted Telephony
Premium subscription including 2,000 minutes to UK 01/02 landlines and UK 07 mobiles £10 per month
SIP trunks for phone systems. From … £6 per trunk per month
Good quality display phones. From … £67 per phone
Low Cost Gas & Electricity – see notes below
Certificated 100% green supplies available
Hardwired and Wireless computer networks
Survey, procurement, installation and maintenance Quoted
WiFi guest login data capture – email, Facebook etc. from … £29 per month

Our commitments to our customers

Excellent customer service – We will try our best to make everything go well but there’s no point pretending that everything will be delivered perfectly every time, telecoms has too many layers and sometimes things do go wrong. We will do our best to take the pain away and fix things as soon as we can when that happens.

Competitive pricing – We may not be the cheapest but we are competitive, great support costs something. We can promise you that we will not be overcharging you for any service or product we supply.

Mostly rolling monthly agreements – Most of our contracts are rolling monthly. Some will be for 12 months because a longer term is being passed through. We are flexible and if you want longer contracts we will do our best to accommodate you.

Why don’t we want to lock you in? Customers stay with their suppliers when they are happy with them and we want our customers to stay with us because they like what we do not because they are trapped.

Simple notice periods – 30 days is just fine for all our rolling monthly agreements. We don’t have any tricky notice windows or autorenewals.

No tricks, no hidden costs – Our contracts are standard. There are no hidden costs or tricks. We will not be charging you exorbitant prices for add on services or products after the fact.

No promises that cannot be delivered – We are honest about lead times and contingencies. If we cannot deliver a service you want in the way you want it we will let you know and suggest a near solution where we can.



New lines with or without broadband carry a 12 months agreement after which they are on a rolling monthly agreement. Existing lines and/or broadband that we take over go straight onto a monthly rolling agreement.

Single analogue telephone lines can be used to make one call at a time. They can also be used to carry broadband, for alarm use, card transactions and other uses. Multiple analogue lines can have the same phone number but cannot carry broadband as well.

*Like nearly every other telecommunications provider we use BT OpenReach to install lines and broadband and we must comply with how they operate. The installation charges quoted for lines and broadband are for the first 2 hours which is usually enough for a BT engineer to do their work. If it takes longer BT OpenReach will make further time-based charges which we will pass through at near cost.


Instead of suppling “free” provider specific routers we will supply a router suitable for your use or you can supply your own. Prices start from £50 for a simple router.

1 static IP can be supplied free of charge as part of any broadband order.

Fibre also known as FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) or VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) currently give speeds up to 80mbs down/20mbs up where available.

What is a router. We call these boxes of tricks routers but really that doesn’t do them justice. Many routers are in fact; modems, routers, switches, wireless access points and firewalls all rolled into one box.

**Types of broadband are subject to availability to you premises.

Cloud/hosted telephony

This is simply telephony over the internet. Over recent years telephony has transformed and whether you are using a telephone system hosted in a data centre or on your premises many businesses are now using internet based services.

Cloud or hosted telephony is the simplest system to run. The phone system is held and maintained in a data centre. This means you don’t have to house it or maintain it. All you need is a network, and internet connection and some suitable phones. The whole thing is by subscription per user. Access to system services is by logging in over the internet or via the phone on your desk. A very scalable system on a rolling monthly basis that you can grow or reduce according to the needs of your business.

You can accommodate all the features you get on most phone systems include call recording, voicemail, auto attendants, call centre features, operator consoles and more …

Polycom VVX201 basic phone – £67.

On premises phone systems can be provided.


Getting good prices for Gas and Electricity can be a bother so through our supplier we can make it a much easier and time saving process for you …

  • Fixing a price for your company – regardless of Brexit, Rising Oil Prices and Market Fluctuations
  • Forward purchasing- even if you are in contract we will secure savings for your next contract today.
  • Going to the market for price comparisons to find the best prices for you.
  • Bill Validation- are you sure your energy bill is correct? Let us tell you.
  • Options for certificated Green Energy Supplies.
  • Reminders and pro-active quoting near the end of contract so you don’t have to worry about it.

Just ask!