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At our core, we prioritise customer satisfaction, building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability. Our team is committed to providing solutions that align with your business goals and budget.

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Stuart Chalmers created ‘I Want Routers’ in 2004 after 20 years of working as a programmer/analyst/technician in the IT sector.

Originally named BizTel, in the early days I Want Routers supplied telephone systems & lines and broadband. BizTel was an early adopter of VoIP/cloud telephony, in the days before decent broadband – fortunately for us – broadband has moved on & works very well these days!

After a few years running an online retail site – supplying routers and devices mostly to SME’s (which is why we are called I Want Routers) Stuart was pulled back into the world of computer networks, telephony  – supplying and maintaining all things that work on a network – he hasn’t looked back since.

Today I Want Routers are expanding organically with a good portfolio of South West based SME’s many in hospitality. We provide as honest and transparent service as we can, down to earth, at reasonable cost, and providing what our customers want rather than what we might want. We will work with your existing system, install new systems or a mixture of both, whatever you want that we can deliver, and to a suitable budget.

Most of our business comes in by word of mouth and we hope a good reputation is serving us and our customers well.


We would like better wireless coverage, what do you recommend?

This is one of our specialities. The reason for this is that so many devices connect using wireless these days, but it is a technology often misunderstood. The industry has led people to believe that wireless is the answer to so many things and that it is straightforward and sometimes it is! Sometimes it requires quite a lot of attention to get it to perform. In the majority of cases, we can improve wireless performance, sometimes quite significantly and we can adjust it to perform even better as we learn more about a particular installation. We can also design and implement new wireless installations using experience and measurement and knowledge about the installation and what you want out of it.

How can we improve our broadband which is slow and not always reliable?

Sometimes it’s just because your broadband is slow but maybe it can be upgraded. Perhaps it’s just some devices that are slow or maybe your wireless where it applies. As is often the case there can be many reasons why your broadband is or appears to be slow and, in most cases, it is possible to improve it. It’s hard to know without more information but I’ll highlight one issue that is becoming less of an issue these days as computers and storage is getting much faster but still relevant.

On many laptops and PC’s information from the internet is temporarily stored on that computer and if that computer is slow or the storage on it is slow then the internet access appears slow whereas for other more recent computers on your network or ones that have been upgraded run faster. We can tell you if a particular computer can be upgraded, if it has some other issue slowing you down, if it’s the wireless or if, as sometimes happens, it’s just too old and/or slow and it’s time for a replacement.

Can you fix and maintain our CCTV?

Yes, we can! We can install, maintain, run yearly checks, add cameras, troubleshoot etc. CCTV systems are usually straightforward compared to some other devices on the network, so we partly see them as another network device, and we look after network devices! We maintain various makes including systems that are aimed mostly at the domestic market but are starting to become more relevant for some businesses.

We have a tight budget, can you help us improve our network without spending too much?

We will always try and work within your budget and will never just push aside you existing system just for the sake of it. Many times, we see existing installations that just need some adjustments or maybe some elements replaced or upgraded. Sometimes it’s a case of staging things to make them more affordable if the outlay is beyond your immediate budget. 

To a point it is true that “buy cheap, buy twice” applies but that doesn’t mean spending a lot of money unnecessarily, like a car, you won’t get the same performance out of a Lada as you will out of a Mercedes, and it is the same with computer systems and networks. If a Ford Focus is what you need and are happy with then we can usually find an equivalent for your network. What we will always try and avoid is poor cheap equipment that will cause you more trouble than it’s worth.


We have years of experience in upgrading and installing networks

Looking to replace or upgrade an existing data network, install a computer network as part of an office move or office expansion? I Want Routers can help…

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