When Hosted Desktop Services May Not Be Right For You!

August 31, 2023

When it's not right

Hosted Desktop services are great for many businesses but there are situations when they are not a good solution or maybe it’s better that they form part of a mixed solution. Here are some situations where Hosted Desktop may not be the best solution.

Internet Connection

If you don’t have a reliable internet connection then this may not be a great solution. It doesn’t require a lot of capacity but it is reliant on the internet. Of course these days it’s difficult to work without the internet for most businesses.

Incompatible Hosting Apps

If you are already running a virtual service already then there may be incompatibilities for example of hosted desktop service I know about runs with Zen App but will not work with Zen desktop so if you are running something that already uses Zen Desktop there may be an issue there.

Active Directory

Complex and expensive

Lotus notes

Complex file permissions

Frequent software downloads

Each app has to be onboarded

Apps that cannot run on the suppliers servers

MS Server 2008 or above

Frequently uploading or downloading of large files


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