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Wired and Wireless Computer Network Installation & Maintenance

Networks are the core of a company’s IT, sometimes troublesome and to many a black art. I Want Routers have vast experience in unravelling issues on existing networks that don’t function as they should. This includes wireless which we have made a speciality as it requires fine tuning sometimes to make it perform optimally.

If you require an installation from scratch, including all the cabling, sockets, cabinets, wireless etc – we can install it for you according to your budget. If you need to improve an existing network  – we are on ready to help.

Rest assured – we don’t rip out perfectly good and functioning devices that you would like to keep, installing all new and presenting you with an unnecessarily large bill. Occasionally all new is better, but this doesn’t happen very often. We work to our customers’ agenda, not ours, and always provide advice as needed along the way.

CAT 5 and 6 Infrastructure – Network Cabling

Structured cabling or if you like, running network cabling to wall/floor sockets and data cabinets that contain your network devices can be quite a lot of work and is best added during the refit of a premises. Sometimes electricians do this work as it’s very similar to running electric cables and is usually added in the same 2 phases. I Want Routers can work with electricians, or we can do this work for you whether one cable or one hundred cables.

This kind of infrastructure often takes some planning and starts with a survey of the premises taking in consideration the environment and what can be realistically done in a busy working environment or a new one as necessary. I Want Routers are able to install CAT 5 and 6 cabling, the data cabinets, their internal fittings, the sockets etc.

CCTV Installation & Maintenance

CCTV these days is just another network device using either cables, wireless or mobile broadband like 4 or 5g. Most business installations use cabled cameras with a central recording and control unit called a DVR or NVR where the older DVR (Digital Video Recorder) uses coaxial cables, and the newer NVR (Network Video Recorder) uses standard CAT 5 or 6 network cables. Sometimes a VR is a hybrid of both. Installing CCTV is like installing network Infrastructure.

We can install new and maintain existing CCTV systems.

There are some very good wireless systems these days. They are mainly aimed at the domestic market, but we have also used them in commercial situations where a more traditional wired system was not as suitable.

Cloud/Hosted Telephone Systems Installation & Maintenance

Old telephone lines are being phased out and if BT hits its targets, they will be gone by the end of 2025. The overwhelming replacement take up is for Cloud Telephony otherwise known as Hosted Telephony. It’s a much better system overall as it costs less and does more. There are backup options that you don’t have on the older lines so even if broadband isn’t always that reliable your telephones will still ring. This is the best and most flexible option for many situations. Its worth mentioning the Cloud Phones work in most countries for most systems; so, whether you are in the UK, the US or Australia they will still work and use the same phone numbers and cost the same, as if you were in the UK.

Cloud Telephony didn’t begin well, when broadband wasn’t at its best, it tended to be expensive and unreliable. But that’s not the case anymore, now it’s another cloud product that works well. You don’t need expensive engineers to adjust your phone systems anymore, you can do it yourself – support is only an email or phone call away. You or your company don’t need to maintain your phone system anymore as that’s all done by the phone provider.

 There are still on premises phone systems out there, but they use phone lines over broadband and instead of paying £20,000 for a phone system control unit you might only pay £500. Of course, the cost of the telephones themselves can mount up but generally phone systems do cost much less than they used to.

If you have an older phone system some of the phone lines over broadband can be used.

Get in touch to find out more about our services and how we can help give you peace of mind for your business IT

Computer & Mobile Device Support

Technology eh? Great when it works not so much when it doesn’t. Computers, phones and tablets are complex devices with so many combinations of parts, apps, data etc. It’s amazing they work as well as they do and sometimes, they just don’t. At I Want Routers we can fix some hardware issues and usually, one way or another software issues. Then there’s that bit in between where you plug something in, and it doesn’t work too!

  • What can we do with your tech?
  • We can fix most software issues.
  • We can fix some hardware issues.
  • We can get many things you plug into a PC to work & fix those things that have stopped working.
  • We can often make an older computer run faster.
  • We can supply a new or refurbished computer to a specification – according to how you want to use it.
  • We can setup standard apps and configure them.
  • We can supply peripherals like mice, keyboards, adaptors etc.
  • We can do lots of other techy things too!

Sonos Sound Systems Installation & Support

If it’s network related, we can usually work with it and Sonos is most definitely network related. A lot of our customers have this, both business and domestic so we know all about it’s idiosyncrasies. If you have issues with Sonos and don’t know how to get it working consistently – we can help.

Sonos can only be as good as the WiFi it’s attached to even if it’s using its own WiFi. So, if you have Sonos and it’s not doing what you want – we know we can help!

Installation and Support of Broadband Connections

We install and support broadband, from old style ADSL2+ to leased lines. Our prices are competitive. We focus on support and are very picky about our suppliers as our support is only as good as our suppliers. We pay a lot of attention to the support side of things and do most of the legwork for you.

 If you have had this experience: –

“It took us ages on the phone before we got to the right department and even then, they didn’t understand our issue. We spent hours over a week or 2 before they fixed it.”

Then we can take away a lot of the pain and will get your issue fixed faster. We’ll keep you updated too! We don’t pretend that dealing with the chain of command is always easy, it isn’t, but we know how to work the system because we have been doing it for many years.

I Want Routers can often find a backup solution while you are waiting for a broadband supply to be fixed. If your business is internet critical, then there are ways of reducing the chances of downtime.

Social WiFi

Social WiFi is where you give WiFi access to your customers by them logging into your WiFi, giving you their email address either using a form or via Facebook, Twitter etc. Used in the right way it can bring in extra business.

There are a few things worth knowing about Social WiFi: –

  • 5G/4G mobile broadband means that people don’t always need to access your WiFi. If you are somewhere where mobile broadband isn’t very good, you will get more customers connecting to your WiFi.
  • There is a cost to it but if the data from it is used to market to people it can more than pay for itself.
  • People don’t have to opt-in to being marketed to, so not all data gathered can be used for campaigns, but you will see who’s coming to your venue, when they come, how many times and other data that can give you useful insight into your customers.
  • If you have a lot of customers connecting you will need sufficient broadband capacity to service them.
  • You can limit how long a customer uses your WiFi for and how much capacity a customer can use.

Get in touch to find out more about our services and how we can help give you peace of mind for your business IT

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